Root of Happiness


Root of Happiness is the premiere Kava bar on the West Coast. Kava is a root found in the South Pacific that has been used traditionally for over 2,500 years to promote relaxation. We work with Root of Happiness to craft their brand, create all needed designs for their two retail/bar locations, design their packaging, illustrate posters and t-shirts, and take all of their photography. Needless to say, our favorite type of clients are the ones that we can work with on an ongoing basis to constantly market their brand!


We developed a new identity system for Root of Happiness based on the history of traditional Kava use in the South Pacific. We wanted to visually represent their mantra: Drink. Relax. Enjoy.

Here you can view a small portion of some of the work we have done, including branding, packaging, photography, social media ads, and illustration.

Additional Contributing Members: Josh Diaz (Skateboard Poster & T-shirt) & Rebecca Gonsalves (Kava Island & Snowboarding Poster).